Jessie Lilley
Buddy Barnett
Brad Linaweaver

November 2009     Web Edition     Issue #3

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Meet the Mondo Girl!

Mondo Cult creator and award winning writer Brad Linaweaver and actress & Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor, share a Marilyn Manson Wonderland adventure in Orlando

Gorgeous, and soon to be iconic face of the Mondo Cult franchise and official Mondo Cult Girl, Vicki Marie Taylor graces the lap of the already and forever iconic shock rock god Marilyn Manson. While Taylor may not look gothic, she still sites Manson as her favorite musical act for the past 16 years—or ever since someone put a cassette of the earlier Spooky Kids stuff at her front door step with a note telling her that she "would love this".

Taylor had met Manson prior to this Adventures in Wonderland Experience , however the incomparable and unstoppable Sci Fi writer, Brad Linaweaver, had not. Several years ago both the music of Marilyn Manson and the Doom books of Linaweaver and Dayfdd Ab Hugh were both found in the backpacks of the infamous Columbine shooters. We all know what happened next. But we all know that great art can never really be blamed for such heinous and ludicrous acts of violence. (More importantly, neither can the actual guns.) Great art really is just great art and nothing more.

Manson and Linaweaver—both special in the Vicki Marie Taylor world—shared a unique bond and had not yet connected. Thanks to Taylor, this meeting of the "gods" occurred. Manson said that he wanted us all to "do the guns for Doom". We all love guns. Vicki Marie Taylor loves guns. Marilyn Manson most definitely loves guns. The Doom Generation must love guns. So here' a "shot" for the "Doomed" all thanks to what Marilyn Manson himself wanted. Bang' Bang' Bang!