Jessie Lilley
Buddy Barnett
Brad Linaweaver

November 2009     Web Edition     Issue #3

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Trick and Treat

(Some candy from our publisher)

by Brad Linaweaver

In the near decade of Mondo Cult's existence (magazines and the site), I have never been happier to make a Halloween announcement than in 2016.

My old pal, Fred Olen Ray, has always said that I'm a lucky bastard. In keeping with that grand tradition, allow me to report that I'm executive producer on one of the best haunted house movies ever made.

Chris Ray (Son of Fred) is the director of A House is not a Home. The film had an official premiere in Philadelphia, on September first. That happens to be my birthday. Also, it was an auspicious way to enter the Fall, after a long, hot summer.

A few years earlier, A House is not a Home received acclaim as Best Horror Film at Jeff Rector's Burbank Film Festival. Everyone involved knew that was only the beginning.

I had confidence from the start because I'd seen how well Chris and Gerald Webb worked together on episodes of Silicon Assassin. This was especially evident in the final episode, Window of Opportunity. It won the Australian Webstream Award for Best International Series on behalf of the whole show for that one installment.

There was more on my mind than only SA in those days. I had the privilege to read an amazing script for a feature film. Seemed like A House is not a Home would make a good movie. I was one of the early believers.

In the hands of a talented cast and crew, with the steady hand of Chris steering the ship, the result was a lot better than good. We have one of the most interesting horror films in a long time.

I wasn't able to attend the Perelman Theatre at the Ki Center for the Performing Arts for the premiere. But with the help of Jessie Lilley and what she has made of Mondo Cult, readers of MC will be kept up to date on the journey of this movie, and the many talented people who made it happen.

My thanks to Christopher Douglas Olen Ray for inviting me to enter through the ornate and deeply disturbing doorway.

The Treat is entertainment.

The Trick is when it scares you!