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Richard Hatch and Brad Linaweaver interviewed at MegaCon 2014

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The September 2014 column: HANNIBAL

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Being a report of the live Album Release Show

at Hotel Café September 5, 2014, and CD review

Those who enjoy fresh, bright, upbeat and thoughtful acoustic music with subtle instrumentation and lush harmonies in the folk, California Country and Americana tradition will love the music of CALICO the band. They are not exactly newcomers, but they are still new.

CALICO the band has been in existence for almost two years with founding members Manda Mosher and Kirsten Proffit (both fine singers, writers, and accomplished guitarists), together with a prior singer/guitarist/songwriter, lately departing the group. Melodist Aubrey Richmond, well-experienced singer, fiddler and tunesmith, has stepped into the front line, after having been an occasional player on fiddle in the former lineup.

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Mondo Girl Takes A Fall…

… and swans off in true Lady Twilight fashion

Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor suffered a health scare recently, at her home in Arkansas. It led to a stay in a local hospital and a blood transfusion in order to fight back. Ms. Taylor was admitted, suffering from severe pain after falling in her home. Doctors worked to stabilize her and conducted various tests. They determined that she was bleeding internally which caused hemorrhagic shock which led to the fall in the first place.

Doctors have failed to pinpoint what caused the bleeding. Taylor says that she was brought Holy Communion while in the hospital and that she was visited regularly by family. She is grateful for the friend who rushed her to the hospital and to team of doctors who worked with her.

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Dinner at The Polo Lounge

Beverly Hills Hotel, with

Aubrey Richmond

by Jerry Jewett

At the duly appointed hour of 7:00 p.m., she strode into the elite Polo Lounge, tall, lean, fit, self-assured, suffused with feminine radiance, garbed in black stretch skinny jeans, a pale Van Halen T-shirt, black leather jacket, and black 3" Coach heels, hair flowing, eyes flashing, trailing clouds of glory. She might have been a high fashion model, a WGA writer, an actress, an entrepreneur, a sportswear model or some other kind of business woman. She was, in fact, a singer, a violinist, a songwriter, a fiddler, a horse-woman (equestrienne) and entrepreneur—Aubrey Richmond.

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Atlas Shrugged Part 3

"Who Is John Galt?"

Report from the Set

by J. Kent Hastings

On Monday, February 3rd, 2014, I visited the set of Atlas Shrugged Part 3: "Who Is John Galt?", the final movie of a series that completes the first film adaptation of Ayn Rand's 1957 perennial best selling novel.

Harmon Kaslow, one of the producers of Atlas Shrugged, invited J. Neil Schulman to the set and Neil brought me in on the deal. Neil rated the invite as the author of the prophetic 1979 novel, Alongside Night, and also as the director/screenwriter of its movie adaptation (being released this year). I was an editor on Alongside Night and like Neil, I wore other hats on the production. Neil is arranging an exchange of movie trailers between the film projects and discussing promotional tactics with the associate producer of Atlas Shrugged Part 3's new media efforts, Scott DeSapio.

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Texas Frightmare Weekend

An Event NOT To Be Missed

Everybody's gonna be in Texas in May, including our very own Mondo Girl, Vicki Marie Taylor.

Back in 2005, Loyd and Sue Cryer decided enough is enough. There has got to be a blow-out Horror Con in Dallas. They got together with Rue Morgue and made the dream a reality. Texas Frightmare Weekend has been growing stronger and stronger year after year.

George Romero and Tobin Bell are this year's Honored Guests, and will be surrounded by no less than Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Earl Boen and Robert Patrick – to name only a few.

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Fade Into Day

J. Neil Schulman's

Alongside Night

Reviewed by Jerry Jewett

Ayn Rand published her monumental magnum opus Atlas Shrugged in 1957. Producing it for the big screen took until 2011 for the first of three segments, an achievement Rand did not live to experience. J. Neil Schulman wrote Alongside Night in 1979, with a substantially shorter 'gestation period' to reach the big screen beginning in 2014.

Both movies have in common that they deal with philosophies, ideas and the consequences of ideas, shockingly radical ideas offensive to neo-cons, majoritarians, liberals or other conventional or statist thinkers: ideas about moral culture, property, liberty and economics that are at odds with contemporary dogma and in defiance of historical trends.

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Mondo Girl Recommends...

Our own Mondo Girl, Vicki Marie Taylor, shows off her latest recommendation! Taylor, a long time fan of the iconic 80s actor Corey Feldman took the time to pose with his latest biography Coreyography and is demanding that all who are fans of Feldman add this to their collection or else!

Feldman shares intimate details of his friendship with Corey Haim, details of his career and discusses some of the perils and pitfalls of Hollywood. Feldman can also be seen in a horror film titled Six Degrees of Hell. Our lover of the world of horror, the sexy Taylor, also owns this film and says that Feldman carries the entire film as Super Stars tend to do. She notes that certain scenes remind her of childhood nightmares, which is a very good thing. Finally, she states that this film should be added to any horror film collection.

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Silicon Assassin

The Man of the Hour

by Jerry Jewett

Troubled times beget troubling art: witness Zamyatin's We, Huxley's Brave New World, Picasso's Guernica or Orwell's 1984. When life has become torturous or fearsome for ordinary people owing to usurpation of their rights and liberties by high-handed "executives," "administrators" or "leaders," conflict and strife abound. And in the early phases of consolidation of power after a coup d'état, things often go still worse for the subjected hordes. The early Soviet era in 20th century Russian history, or Hitler's acts of brutal police power after the Reichstag Fire, exemplify this.

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What Do Other Publications

Think of us?

Mondo Cult #3

Edited by Jessie Lilley

Published by Brad Linaweaver

2012, 1601 pages, $13

from the Prometheus newsletter

This brief review can in no way do justice to the third issue of Mondo Cult, which packs in several magazines' worth of material between full-cover pages. Although adhering to no solid publishing schedule, Mondo Cult, when it arrives, has become a critical vehicle for the review and study of classic film, music, books, and people of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. In this issue over 30 writers contribute articles. Photos of actors, writers, and other personalities fill virtually every page, along with images of classic movie posters, advertisements and cartoons, not to mention a Frank Frazetta picture on the back cover. One could spend hours reading and re-reading this magazine, and still discover or re-discover new aspects of what is covered.

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The Visible Ray

by Brad Linaweaver

There is a special fraternity that experienced a crushing loss this year. I count myself a member. We have no old dark house in which to meet. There are no arcane handshakes, or glittering rings on anyone's fingers, to herald membership in this particular fraternity.

Ray Bradbury referred to me as an honorary son. I've met others who received this honor. I told Ray that he was my second father. He heard that from a chorus of voices throughout the years. There is a fraternity, but the number is not infinite.

We now live in a world without Ray Bradbury. But memory never dies.

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Deap Vally

Live & CD

by Jerry Jewett

Sometimes things happen curiously, or rather, curiosity finds more than it sought. There I was, Tuesday, September 17th, with my Fender Showmaster stuck in the shop at McCabe's Guitars for upgrade work. I borrowed a few moments from office work on the computer to peruse the Fender website, the better to drool over the amp I would like to get to enhance my sound. That 65 Twin Custom 15 is still on Fender's website, thank God!

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Window of Opportunity

Exclusive Photos from the set of the

Silicon Assassin Project

Production on this project is wrapping up and we're all very excited about it here at Mondo Cult. Series creator (and Mondo Cult Publisher) Brad Linaweaver has given us permission to post these exclusive pix from this past weekend's shoot.

This episode, "Window of Opportunity", was directed by Mondo Cult favorite Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray.

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