Jessie Lilley
Buddy Barnett
Brad Linaweaver

November 2009     Web Edition     Issue #3

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The Unravelling

Calgary’s Progressive Rockers

Nail it with New Single

Welcome Back Steve Moore!

Just under two weeks ago, Independent Music Promotions announced the release of REVOLT, the new and introspective single from Calgary’s The Unravelling. We’ve not heard from this band since lead singer Steve Moore’s (happily) successful battle with cancer. Before this dark episode in their collective career, The Unravelling opened for acts such as Helmet and Bison BC, topped the CJSW Metal charts and had been nominated for three 2010 Alberta Metal Awards, winning in the Best Album Production category. Not too shabby.

Since REVOLT’s release, The Unravelling have been putting out 24 separate art pieces—each with lyrics to REVOLT—over a total of 24 days: This in celebration of the single which will end with the full cover.

From the official press release: Lead vocalist Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. He was forced to spend the next year and a half in surgery and recovery, thus sending his collaborative partnership with the project's founder and instrumentalist, Gustavo De Beauville, into a hiatus.

Anyone familiar with the two men behind The Unravelling might have known that Moore’s troubling diagnosis would merely delay the duo’s progress. During this time, De Beauville honed his production skills on a wealth of soundtrack work and solo material. He released Volume 1 in February of 2014, and was soon featured in Guitar World.

Following Moore’s recent recovery from cancer, The Unravelling are now back and more focused than ever. It is fitting that the newest song from Calgary’s heavy rock heroes is called REVOLT. According to Moore, "the song was the first piece of new material Gus sent me, and it immediately struck me on a very deep level. It seems suitable that we're releasing it now.”

Having experienced more than their share of physical challenges over the past few years, Moore and De Beauville are now much more aware of their inner health. Moore explains: “The lyrics to REVOLT convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. This is an inner revolt that we are talking about."

The single itself evokes memories of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Ethereal harmonies and production worthy of ALABAMA SONG (WHISKY BAR) bring a smile to this jaded old heathen. Give it a listen.

More information on The Unravelling is available on their official Facebook page.

—Jessie Lilley