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Texas Frightmare Weekend

From HorrorNewsNet’s Podcast From Hell Team

will be hosting the 2010 Texas Frightmare Weekend Panels

in Irving, TX April 30 - May 2

HorrorNewsNet will be invading the Texas Frightmare Weekend April 30th to May 2nd to make sure the Texas fans get very best convention panel experience possible. HorrorNewsNet’s Podcast From Hell team will be conducting the question and answer sessions. Dai Green and John Torrani will bring each panel discussion straight to hell with their quick wit and always entertaining antics that has made their podcast not only a fan favorite but a celebrity favorite as well.

Dai and John will make sure that The Texas Frightmare fans get their voices heard by the guest while asking all the hard hitting questions that make The Podcast From Hell the best and most notorious podcast in horror.

Dai and John are huge horror fans with an encyclopedic knowledge of the horror genre and can’t wait to meet the Texas Horror Crowd and bring a new and exciting element to the already amazing convention.

Dai Green is the Managing Editor of HorrorNewsNet as well as an experienced writer, actress and model who has taken the web horror industry by storm since breaking into the scene in 2008. She has interviewed most of the genre’s favorite celebrities and always makes sure the site is being run with the utmost respect for the horror genre’s fans. She is dedicated to bringing the world of online journalism back into a community where people can come and voice their opinions without weeding through some of the politics that some other venues have adapted to. Dai currently resides in NV while traveling all over the US for multiple film projects.

John Torrani is the New York City based Talent Coordinator for HorrorNewsNet the host and producer of the web series America’s Bad Kids. John is also a producer of the Texan horror film Sweatshop with extensive experience with cinematography not only in films but television as well. Since starting the America’s Bad Kids series in 2008, John has mad the name for himself as one of the hardest working men in horror hosting and is currently working on many projects including being the New York Unit Director of the upcoming Nightmare On Elm Street documentary. John currently resides in NY but you can find him at the country’s best conventions and events.

To check out the Podcast From Hell, please visit HorrorNewsNet and click on the PODCAST tab for all archived past episodes of the show. You can also tune in live Sunday nights 6:30pm PST/ 9:30 EST at HorrorNewsNet.

To see a detailed list of the guests and events happening at Texas Frightmare Weekend and information on tickets, please visit Texas Frightmare Weekend.

We look forward to seeing you there!