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The Adventures of Mondo Girl

Follow Our Vicki as she roams the US
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Actress Vicki Marie Taylor, a southern gorgeous talent is working hard to light up screens as she pushes forward with her career in mainstream and independent film. Vicki Marie Taylor has appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern Show and hosted shows on the Playboy channel appeared in various publications around the world and is now staring in a new project alongside Science fiction actor Richard Hatch and one of the original Horror scream queens Brinke Stevens in a new politically driven science fiction project titled the Silicon Assassin. Vicki stars as one of the three main characters Lady Twilight. The role was written specifically for Vicki who got the role by pure and total coincidence while attending a Dragon Con Convention in Atlanta. The last project that she was on also starred Richard and also starred Godfather actor John Martino.

For someone who just recently started pursuing this side of entertainment she is certainly receiving some breaks proving that she has what it takes to bring the fire and the heat to audiences nationally and internationally . Vicki grew up a fan of horror and science fiction and has been watching both as far back as she can remember. “My mom and I used to watch the original Nightmare on Elm Street and Poltergeist together” and as a very young child she learned all of the thrills associated withhorror films. She cites Rosemary’s Baby as her favorite horror film of all time and Labyrinth as her favorite fantasy and science fiction film.

Vicki also grew up loving music and is into bands such as Marilyn Manson,The Cure,Orgy, and also likes early 80’s r&b acts such as Sheila E. Vicki has encountered some opposition while trying to battle her way into the industry and says that she is up for the battle and whatever it takes to prove herself onscreen. She received a Catholic education and a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and a minor degree in film studies. She studied films because of her fascination for the history of the industry!

Vicki has a promising career. She is also into politics and a supporter of the N.R.A. She has plans to work with gun rights advocates in addition to her budding independent film career. Look for more Vicki Marie Taylor coming soon to a screen near you.

Happy Halloween 2018

from Mondo Girl

Here are new pics of our Vicki as Mondo Girl. We’re used to seeing her as a brunette, but now must ask if blondes have more fun.

Brad reports that Vicki is fighting battles in real life equivalent to the adventures of Lady Twilight in SILICON ASSASSIN. We’ll be sharing some details later, within the scope of what is legally permissible. Too bad. Real life is often wilder than science fiction.

For now, we ask the ultimate question.

When will we see Vicki as a redhead?

This is Brad’s favorite shot of Vicki and her daughter, Savannah.

Silicon Assassin

Lady Twilight and Friends

This is the one and only official Mondo Girl stopping by to say hello and sound off on working with the various directors in The Silicon Assassin project.

Richard Hatch and Vicki Marie Taylor.

First, I would like to say, working in the Richard Hatch directed episode “Problem Child” was a blast. Mr. Hatch is an accomplished actor with a career in television that spans decades. He is best known for his recurring role as Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek in the SyFy Channel reboot. He directed the very first episode in our unique series. I didn't just enjoy working under Richard's direction but also I loved that he was open to allowing me to suggest some direction for the episode. The scene in which BubbleBlonde Girl and Lady Twilight appear to fight and then share a sweet onscreen almost kiss for the camera. I like to refer to myself as being one of the “ghost directors” for that episode since I helped guide that particular shot.

Edward L. Plumb directed “Dead Reckoning”, a multiple-award winning episode. His tasteful presentation of lingerie and ray guns helped to garner enough attention to take home awards for his efforts. The main characters of the series entire, portrayed by Richard Hatch, Paula Labaredas and myself as Lady Twilight, only appear briefly at the very end of this episode. We use our ray guns to fight the lingerie clad enemies. One could easily say our cameo was worth it given that this episode has some of the best special effects in the entire series.

Directed by Christopher Olen Ray—whose work you may already be familiar with given he is a SyFy regular with his shark films (2010’s 2-Headed Shark Attack and 2012’s Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus)—“Window of Opportunity” is the episode which looks and feels most like a "real" movie and is another award winner for the series. It was the longest shoot and I worked with choreographers for the fight scene between the two Lady Twilight characters in the episode. The blonde version, Erica Duke and the original Lady Twilight take each other on in this episode. My character perseveres and gets back up on her feet. Just in time to assist in defeating the evil dictator President Medusa who, by now, has taken matters into her own hands.

“Window of Opportunity”, according to Brad Linaweaver, has the most important line of the series. Delivered at the very end as The Silicon Assassin, BubbleBlonde Girl and Lady Twilight rest on the mountain, Lady Twilight asks, “Are we free yet?” They all then look to the future, possible dictatorial rule and the destruction that could follow. I was honored to be given that particular line.

The line sounds like something many Americans could be asking themselves right now; as we watch big government grow bigger and see more and more of our Constitutional rights threatened. The biggest proponent that we have in favor of our civil liberties would be Dr. Ron Paul, who actually stars in Alongside Night, a Libertarian film in which I also appear as Lady Twilight (in clips from Silicon Assassin). I like to think of her as Lady Liberty in this particular film, given the context and the message being conveyed to the viewing audiences.

Mondo Cult fans and readers may not feel free from monsters, alien invasions, two headed sharks or from having their civil liberties zapped away—but one thing they can feel free from is the wait for the final Silicon Assassin project update by writer and co-producer Brad Linaweaver, once he gives his farewell article on the series in the coming weeks.

Vicki Marie Taylor, Paula Labaredas, Victoria Rose Plumb and episode director and
Silicon Assassin star Richard Hatch. From "Problem Child".

Bubble Blonde Girl (Paula) and Lady Twilight (Vicki) get down.
From "Problem Child".

Brinke Stevens as President Medusa from “Window of Opportunity”

Erica Duke as the second Lady Twilight, series writer and co-producer Brad Linaweaver and
Vicki Marie Taylor as the original Lady Twilight.

Reports of Mondo Girl's untimely death are greatly exagerrated. The proof is HERE.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2018!

Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor and her daughter Savannah Celebrate the Season

Happy Holidays 2016


Mondo Girl and Mondo Cult

PHOTO: Savannah Star

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The Buzzfeed Interview

The Serious Side

Buzzfeed took some time to catch up with Vicki Marie Taylor (our own Mondo Girl). Follow the link to Buzzfeed and read their discussion regarding Ms. Taylor's Women Are STILL Important Agenda. She also takes some time to recall Lady Twilight and Silicon Assassin's Window of Opportunity, and its commentary on Health Care in the USA.

Lady Twilight

A day at the beach!

Mondo Girl with Little Mondo Girl
Vicki with her beautiful daughter Savannah

Vicki with Silicon Assassin co-star Richard Hatch

Stupefyin' Taylor

Where HAS Our Girl Been?

Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor has been pretty busy lately, but we finally have a new update. Her latest role will be filming this summer in LA. It’s a part in a horror film that is already in production.

Since our last update, that of Mondo Girl’s participation in her local Gay Pride Parade in Arkansas, she has been spending what little free time she has, with her daughter Savannah, who now jokingly refers to her famous Mom as Lady Vicki. The rest of her time is spent preparing for this summer’s role.

Our Mondo Girl is certainly all woman with true pin up quality. We love here at Mondo Cult online, and are thrilled that she took a few minutes to update us on her current activities.

Here are some new pics of actress and tabloid babe Vicki Marie Taylor, hailing from Little Rock, AR, as she poses as Mondo Girl for Mondo Cult Online fans. And with special friends and family!

One of our favorite glamour shots.

On the Silicon Assassin set with L-R: Vicki Marie Taylor (Lady Twilight), Writer Brad Linaweaver, Paula LaBaredas (Bubble Blonde Girl) and front & center Miss Victoria Rose Plumb (Deadly Tween).

Sultry Lady Twilight

Vicki Marie Taylor proudly displays one of several Silicon Assassin posters.

Mondo Girl and Mondo Publisher

Mondo Girl

marches with

Squirrels Gone Wild

In the 2nd Annual Arkansas Gay Pride Parade

On Sunday October 5, actress Vicki Marie Taylor and central Arkansas kickball team Squirrels Gone Wild lined up at Clinton Presidential library to take a walk down the streets of the Rivermarket District to show their support of the LGBT community and their current struggles for equality in marriage.

Arkansas was a state which at first allowed same sex unions to take place, but after a handful of certificates were handed out, the courts on the state level announced that they would be halting any future same sex unions taking place. This has resulted in Arkansas being the only state currently, in which same sex couples looking to get married have banded together and filed lawsuits against the state on a federal level.

Discussing the parade, Ms. Taylor noted that the float marching ahead of he and the athletes were representing a Christian church (located about ten miles outside of Little Rock). She also stated that most of those who lined the streets, including children, were supportive of the cause the parade represents. The opposition was present as well and the church members took a lot backlash from the protesters. Taylor admits to having been worried for the man on the float, but happily it turned out to be a "sticks and stones" situation; where only strong words were used to protest and nothing was thrown. Our Mondo Girl notes, “You never really know what goes through someone's mind but you just hope it all stays peaceful.”

Vicki says that a member of the kickball team had no problem telling any protesters her views! ”I love her. She has some sass and heart. We also had a member who was dressed up as a squirrel with flare, who was a hit among adult and child onlookers. He was giving out candy and made the local news. Taylor spoke of her beliefs: “God loves us all no matter what. All that these people want to do is to have the same rights when it comes to the partners they love. There is no violence and no hate in that. This has less to do with God, and more to do with the Bible Belt.

“If you look at the states that are fighting gender neutral unions, most are in the Bible Belt. This remains a very heated debate in this election season. The current favorite for the Arkansas Gubernatorial race, Asa Hutchinson, was quoted recently that he personally defines marriage as being ‘one man and one woman’ and that he ‘would keep that being the legislature until the federal courts made a decision’. He said that he hoped each state would be allowed to make their own decision about whether or not Civil Unions would be allowed and recognized or not. He also mentioned God a lot in his Gubernatorial speech.”

Not that Ms. Taylor has a problem with God. “It is when God is used as an excuse to judge others and to remain on a narrow path in decision making is when it becomes a problem like the one we are facing now. I have personally always been flamboyant and open to flings with members of the same sex.” And, “It took guts for a local church to take to the streets of Arkansas to support this community.”

There were a couple of other churches who participated in the event this year, marching further up the line in the parade. Vicki states that she is all too familiar with those the narrow minds of the Bible Belt. “The culture here is to go to church and gossip and create strife for your neighbor if you don't agree with them. If someone stands out, it is a crime. If someone loves someone of the same sex it is a crime. It's not ok to stand out regardless of the reason. I'm sick of it. I can at least take a stand with my friends and help them fight for their acceptance in this community.”

Mondo Girl Takes A Fall…

… and swans off in true Lady Twilight fashion

Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor suffered a health scare recently, at her home in Arkansas. It led to a stay in a local hospital and a blood transfusion in order to fight back. Ms. Taylor was admitted, suffering from severe pain after falling in her home. Doctors worked to stabilize her and conducted various tests. They determined that she was bleeding internally which caused hemorrhagic shock which led to the fall in the first place.

Doctors have failed to pinpoint what caused the bleeding. Taylor says that she was brought Holy Communion while in the hospital and that she was visited regularly by family. She is grateful for the friend who rushed her to the hospital and to team of doctors who worked with her during her stay. She is expected to recover but was told that this was a "watch and wait healing process". The actress was released to recover at home under local medical care. She is fairly optimistic about her recovery.

Mondo Girl Taylor can be seen - starring opposite Richard Hatch - as our own Lady Twilight on the Silicon Assassin LLC channel on YouTube. She also has her own Website and encourages those to check her out there in addition to her Mondo Girl updates found here.

Taylor chalks all this up to being another bizarre humanoid experience that most would never go through. Our girl took the fall and walked away in true Lady Twilight fashion. Then again maybe the gorgeous Taylor really isn't human after all. Some of us at Mondo Cult would accept that as a possibility… and send her our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. We send a special hello to her daughter Savannah.

Mondo Girl Steps Out with Oscar

Mondo girl Vicki Marie Taylor took the newsstands and web by storm this month, over her wild night with recent Academy Award winner Jared Leto. Leto, best known for his role as Rayon in the Dallas Buyers Club took home the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor. Leto's other roles include heartthrob Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life as Jordan Catalono.

Our Mondo Girl had the privilege of entertaining Leto and his brother (of their rock band 30 Seconds to Mars fame) a few years ago. Since Leto won the Oscar®, tabloid frenzy picked up on Vicki Marie Taylorn best known for her cross over film work in Silicon Assassin, Return to Nuke em High (Part 2) and Alongside Night. The tabloids featuring our Vicki Marie Taylor, including Star magazine, are on newsstands now. Vicki says her experience was "wild and very memorable" and describes Leto as being "very nice, down to earth not to mention gorgeous but also a sexual person with wild tendencies."

We would like to congratulate the sexy and talented Vicki Marie for continuing to rock and take the headlines by storm . You can see more of Vicki Marie Taylor as Lady Twilight in The Silicon Assassin Project and in the upcoming Troma production Return To Nuke 'em High as the prestigious Trogasm girl. With roles such as Trogasm girl we don't find it too hard to believe that our Mondo Girl and actor Jared Leto hit it off during what led to a memorable and widely noticed evening.

Texas Frightmare Weekend

An Event NOT To Be Missed

Everybody's gonna be in Texas in May, including our very own Mondo Girl, Vicki Marie Taylor.

Back in 2005, Loyd and Sue Cryer decided enough is enough. There has got to be a blow-out Horror Con in Dallas. They got together with Rue Morgue and made the dream a reality. Texas Frightmare Weekend has been growing stronger and stronger year after year.

George Romero and Tobin Bell are this year's Honored Guests, and will be surrounded by no less than Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn, Earl Boen and Robert Patrick – to name only a few. The roster has something for the Classic Fans in the persons of Julie Adams and Ricou Browning and Walking Dead fans, don't miss the chance to meet Sarah Wayne Callies, Scott Wilson and Chandler Riggs. Kevin Tenney, LInnea Quigley and so many more that I can't list them here. You can view the complete line up at their website.

It's not just an autograph show, though. There is a schedule of events to swell your black hearts. Dear to my own heart is the Vinyl Talk n Swap. From the website: "Rue Morgue music editor Aaron Von Lupton leads a discussion on the art of horror soundtrack LP collecting, which has found new popularity among horror fans with the emergence of vinyl reissue companies like Death Waltz and Waxworks Records. Plus, bring your own records and trade with like-minded collectors!"

Get to Dallas in May. If you can't make it, be sure to come back here for the full story from the Mondo Girl. Wish I could be there with her, but it's not gonna happen this time.

Remember, get your tickets and hotel reservations at the Texas Frightmare website. I envy you all!

Pictured Left: Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor, sporting a PhotoShopped Cowboy Hat...

Mondo Girl Recommends...

Our own Mondo Girl, Vicki Marie Taylor, shows off her latest recommendation! Taylor, a long time fan of the iconic 80s actor Corey Feldman took the time to pose with his latest biography Coreyography and is demanding that all who is a fan of Feldman add this to their collection or else!

Feldman shares intimate details of his friendship with Corey Haim, details of his career and discusses some of the perils and pitfalls of Hollywood. Feldman can also be seen in a horror film titled Six Degrees of Hell. Our lover of the world of horror, the sexy Taylor, also owns this film and says that Feldman carries the entire film as Super Stars tend to do. She notes that certain scenes remind her of childhood nightmares, which is a very good thing. Finally, she states that this film should be added to any horror film collection.

Feldman also starred in one of the original Nuke 'Em High films from Troma Films and our own Vicki Marie appears in a remake of the series: Return to Nuke 'em High part 2 from our friends at Troma. The film also stars Lemmy from Motörhead, Ron Jeremy and Dennis Hof.

You can see more of Taylor as Lady Twilight in Silicon Assassin written by Mondo Cult publisher and award winning author Brad Linaweaver as well as at You can follow Miss Taylor on Twitter at victoriataylor9.

We wish Corey Feldman continued success in his career. He is cheered by all of us here at Mondo Cult. We would also like to congratulate Brad Linaweaver and Vicki Marie Taylor for their work on the award winning episode "Window of Opportunity" from Silicon Assassin, which recently took home Australia's International Series Award @

PHOTO: Sammy M

Mondo Girl Roams the Streets in Arkansas

October 19th wasn't at all blue when Mondo Girl (actress Vicki Marie Taylor) decided to catch the Blue October show at a local establishment in her hometown of Little Rock, AR. Mondo Girl works her magic as she gets a wicked ex to comp her & friends tickets to one of the best shows held at Juanita's Cantina.

Vicki and friends, who are huge fans of Blue October, were grateful and showed up to rock the night out watching the band perform their mainstream hits and also some amazing tracks from the band's latest album, Sway. The band rocked well into the night and after the show Vicki and company were able to sway lead singer Justin Furstenfeld into some pics and autographs.

Later, Ms. Taylor and friends caught up with members of the opening act, The Unlikely Candidates, who had a unique vibe in the spirit of Kings of Leon. The lead singer decided to let our intrepid partiers play with his hair for a bit after the show. Vicki thinks she has another career to fall back on, outside of acting—being a stylist to rock stars. But we'll keep watching the screens for more of our Mondo Girl, as she continues to build her resume.

After her styling to the stars, Vicki with friends in tow, pass the Blue October tour bus while walking to their ride. Her best friend Angie, whom Taylor describes as a "natural firecracker", decided to beat on the band's bus like it was a set of drums. She hollered "watch this" and she banged on the bus several times. Furstenfeld walked around from the other side of the bus and took more photos. He also met quite the young fan. A girl—who was with her dad—was waiting outside of the bus to try and catch a glimpse of the rocker. Mondo Girl to the rescue! She and her pals told Justin that he had a big "little" fan, who was just dying to meet him. Justin made her night when he went around the bus to shake hands with the young lady.

Wishing him and his wife and their new baby well, o ur happy rock fans acknowledge that this was "so totally and completely ROCKSTAR" of Justin, and went away with some awesome memories from their not so "blue" October night in Arkansas.

We at Mondo Cult wish Blue October continued success as they follow their dreams and passions in music. Sway is the latest album from rockers Blue October and is available now. And "Window of Opportunity" is the latest episode of "Silicon Assassin" now winning awards on other continents written and produced by Mondo Cult's on head monster, Brad Linaweaver. Our own Mondo Girl the sexy, talented, and über-cute actress, Vicki Marie Taylor can be followed on Twitter @vicyoriataylor9 and her website

Mondo Encounter at Dragon*Con

Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor and daughter along with Brad Linaweaver take a dive into Tromaville with Lloyd Kaufman at Dragon*Con 2013.

Will the unknown talent on the left contact us and make herself known? We'd be happy to note your name for the record.

Other than the Lady of the Tattoo, pictured left to right are: Vicki Marie Taylor, Brad Linaweaver, Brandy Mason, Toxie, Lloud Kaufmann and center front, Vicki's daughter Savannah.

Our sincere thanks to Lloyd for so generously setting this up and getting us the pic! We don't see enough of you, man!

Meet the Mondo Girl!

Mondo Cult creator and award winning writer Brad Linaweaver and actress & Mondo Girl Vicki Marie Taylor, share a Marilyn Manson Wonderland adventure in Orlando

Gorgeous, and soon to be iconic face of the Mondo Cult franchise and official Mondo Cult Girl, Vicki Marie Taylor graces the lap of the already and forever iconic shock rock god Marilyn Manson. While Taylor may not look gothic, she still sites Manson as her favorite musical act for the past 16 years—or ever since someone put a cassette of the earlier Spooky Kids stuff at her front door step with a note telling her that she "would love this".

Taylor had met Manson prior to this Adventures in Wonderland Experience , however the incomparable and unstoppable Sci Fi writer, Brad Linaweaver, had not. Several years ago both the music of Marilyn Manson and the Doom books of Linaweaver and Dayfdd Ab Hugh were both found in the backpacks of the infamous Columbine shooters. We all know what happened next. But we all know that great art can never really be blamed for such heinous and ludicrous acts of violence. (More importantly, neither can the actual guns.) Great art really is just great art and nothing more.

Manson and Linaweaver—both special in the Vicki Marie Taylor world—shared a unique bond and had not yet connected. Thanks to Taylor, this meeting of the "gods" occurred. Manson said that he wanted us all to "do the guns for Doom". We all love guns. Vicki Marie Taylor loves guns. Marilyn Manson most definitely loves guns. The Doom Generation must love guns. So here' a "shot" for the "Doomed" all thanks to what Marilyn Manson himself wanted. Bang' Bang' Bang!