Jessie Lilley
Buddy Barnett
Brad Linaweaver

November 2009     Web Edition     Issue #3

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Jessie Lilley — Managing Editor / Designer

Edward Gross and Ron Magid — Editors

Ronald Dale Garmon Associate Editor

Paul Nicosia Cover Design

RetroVision / Issue 3 — 66 Pages

Book Reviews

  • John Wayne's America by Garry Willis reviewed by Ronald Dale Garmon
  • Keep Watching The Skies by Bill Warren reviewed by Ronald Dale Garmon

  • Features: Articles, Interviews, Guests

  • Feature: Godzilla vs the 70s by Edward Gross
  • Feature: Godzilla: The Digitizing of by Edward Gross
  • Feature: Godzilla vs the Distributors by Brian R. Culver
  • Feature: Godzilla vs Hollywood by Steve Ryfle
  • Feature: Godzilla: Latter-Day Lizard by Dennis Bent
  • Feature: Godzilla: The Making of by Ed Godziszewski
  • Feature: Godzilla vs Monster Zero by Stuart Galbraith IV
  • Feature: Godzilla: The Re-Making of by Ron Magid and Naomi Pfefferman
  • Feature: Highlander: The Series: Season Three by Scott Thomas
  • Feature: Highlander: The Series: Season Three Episode Guide
  • Feature: Highlander: The Spin-Off by Scott Thomas
  • Feature: A Lost World of Dinosaurs by George E. Turner

  • Sidebar: Godzilla: Tristar's by Steve Ryfle
  • Sidebar: Godzilla: The Un-Making of by Steve Ryfle
  • Sidebar: Highlander: The Convention Photos

  • Film Reviews

  • Beat Girl
  • Expresso Bongo
  • Horror Express
  • Spider Baby