Jessie Lilley
Buddy Barnett
Brad Linaweaver

November 2009     Web Edition     Issue #3

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Jessie Lilley — Managing Editor / Designer

Edward Gross and Ron Magid — Editors

Paul Nicosia — Cover Design

RetroVision / Special Preview Issue — 64 Pages

Features: Articles, Interviews, Guests

  • Column: Attack of the RetroSites by Allen Lane
  • Column: Editorial by Edward Gross

  • Feature: 1941 by Ronald Dale Garmon
  • Feature: Jurassic Park: Effects / ILM Devices by Ron Magid and Company
  • Feature: Jurassic Park: EFX by Phil Tippett and Company
  • Feature: Jurassic Park: Mechanical Effects by Stan Winston and Michael Lantieri
  • Feature: Jurassic Park Revisited by Ron Magid
  • Feature: Khan at 15 (Discussing The Wrath of Khan) by Edward Gross
  • Feature: The Questor Tapes by Edward Gross
  • Feature: Rat Attack (Discussing Ben) by Scott Thomas
  • Feature: Star Trek: First Contact by Tom Rogers
  • Feature: Star Trek: Generations by Edward Gross, Mark A. Altman and Ron Magid

  • Interview: Michael Crichton interviewed by Scott Thomas
  • Interview: Ricardo Montalban interviewed by Edward Gross

  • Sidebar: Jurassic Park: Locations by Ron Magid
  • Sidebar: Rat On! by Edward Gross