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Mike Copner on The Exorcist

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Gary Rhodes

2 Biggest Hits

by Michael Copner

Liz Renay used to claim that good things come in pairs. And in her magnificent body of work they truly did!

In this Mondo Cult assignment there will be a lot of twos. Buddy Barnett and me: we’ll each write reviews about the two books to reach the market written by Gary Rhodes. They may as well be “book end” books about the final two films released while Bela Lugosi was alive, as these books are devoted to the works of Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi—two truly unique filmmakers in the horror field.

To continue the pattern of twos, I’d almost like to call this article “If Bedrooms Could Talk” or some such thing. For Cult Movies magazine was birthed in the front bedroom of an apartment I lived in for 15 years. The first two issues were collated and stapled by work parties in that room.

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Silicon Assassin

Lady Twilight and Friends

This is the one and only official Mondo Girl stopping by to say hello and sound off on working with the various directors in The Silicon Assassin project.

First, I would like to say, working in the Richard Hatch directed episode “Problem Child” was a blast. Mr. Hatch is an accomplished actor with a career in television that spans decades. He is best known for his recurring role as Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek in the SyFy Channel reboot. He directed the very first episode in our unique series. I didn't just enjoy working under Richard's direction but also I loved that he was open to allowing me to suggest some direction for the episode. The scene in which BubbleBlonde Girl and Lady Twilight appear to fight and then share a sweet onscreen almost kiss for the camera. I like to refer to myself as being one of the “ghost directors” for that episode since I helped guide that particular shot.

Edward L. Plumb directed “Dead Reckoning”, a multiple-award winning episode. His tasteful presentation of lingerie and ray guns helped to garner enough attention to take home awards for his efforts. The main characters of the series entire, portrayed by Richard Hatch, Paula Labaredas and myself as Lady Twilight, only appear briefly at the very end of this episode. We use our ray guns to fight the lingerie clad enemies. One could easily say our cameo was worth it given that this episode has some of the best special effects in the entire series.

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Boneyard Rising

by Jessie Lilley

In Mondo Cult 2, we featured a story on The Boneyard Collection. An amusing anthology of spine tinglers from our friends Edward Plumb and L.J. Dopp.

A host of luminaries appear in these vignettes, including Brad Dourif, Ken Foree, Tippi Hedren, George Clayton Johnson, Robert Loggia, Kevin McCarthy, Rod McKuen, William Smith, Barbara Steele, Brinke Stevens, Susan Tyrrell and countless others. The entire series is wrapped around your host, Dr. Acula as pertrayed by the inimitable Forrest J Ackerman.

One vignette, Her Morbid Desires, was adapted by Plumb from the short story by our own Brad Linaweaver and features both the author and Ray Harryhausen in cameo roles.

The film was great fun. Everyone in town got in on it, even your intrepid editor, as an Irish screenwriter pitching a script to a mummy, trying to make his mark in the business! But as with many of its ilk, it came and went like a summer breeze.

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The Ides of March

by Brad Linaweaver

That time of year is on us again, when assassins emerge from the shadows, knives glinting in the cruel light. We remember the assassination of Julius Caesar. I once wrote an alternate history about Caesar for Harry Turtledove's Alternate Generals. In my story, Caesar changes his politics at the penultimate moment. Then he's murdered by Mark Antony. Just goes to show that when your time is up, your time is up.

Originally, Jessie and I were going to devote this space to an update article on Silicon Assassin. After all, there's a lot of assassinatin' going on in that epic. I'm halfway through the article, "Are We Free Yet?" What has put the article on hold is a timely piece by our own J. Kent Hastings that needs to be highlighted now.

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Fired Because of

The Exorcist.....?

by Michael Copner

There are trends and fashions which unfold in the entertainment field, as they evolve in most other areas of our daily life. Let me tell you about one cycle of evolution which took place between 1931 and 2015.

For me, it began in the mid 1970s and concerned the film The Exorcist, and my first real enjoyable employment as a daytime relief manager for Sterling Recreation Organization (or simply SRO). The job required that I get in at 11 am to get three Seattle movie houses up and running: The Music Box, Town and 7th Avenue Theatre (alas, all are now gone). At age 18 it was the closest to show business I’d achieved and often allowed me to see six new movies for free—weekly! My employment with SRO lasted three months.

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Welcome to Mondo Heinlein. Something like this had to happen eventually. With a subject this fecund, and a wealth of contributions, Mondo Cult opens the Doors of Perception to imagination unafraid.

My only regret is that my friend, Bill Patterson, is not with us for the launch party. He finished his life's work of the Authorized Biography of Robert A. Heinlein in time for us; but not in time for him to reap the rewards of his splendid craft and dedication.

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I started this column twice before today. It wasn’t that I hadn’t liked the subject matter—In fact, I had. It was more like the cosmos, or whatever you want to call it or them, weren’t lining up—Like the column itself, was waiting to pick this month’s subject. (Yeah, I know how that sounds.)

And then, my column did that very thing. (Yeah, I know how that sounds, too.)

For my first 35 years, I dealt with a waistline that fluctuated like the stock market. I was never huge. But I wasn’t rail thin either. I’d say I was, at any given point, ten to fifteen pounds above or below average. But never the same, month to month.

Growing up in a small town in the 1950s and 60s, I spent many a Summer’s day riding my Batcycle… um… bicycle, wearing my official Batman mask and my not-quite-as-official Batman cape. (okay, it was a towel) But when that part of my life came to an end, with the exception of Halloween, I never went back to wearing costumes, again. I hung up my towel for good. Fin.

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Mondo Cult #3

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2012, 1601 pages, $13

from the Prometheus newsletter

This brief review can in no way do justice to the third issue of Mondo Cult, which packs in several magazines' worth of material between full-cover pages. Although adhering to no solid publishing schedule, Mondo Cult, when it arrives, has become a critical vehicle for the review and study of classic film, music, books, and people of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. In this issue over 30 writers contribute articles. Photos of actors, writers, and other personalities fill virtually every page, along with images of classic movie posters, advertisements and cartoons, not to mention a Frank Frazetta picture on the back cover. One could spend hours reading and re-reading this magazine, and still discover or re-discover new aspects of what is covered.

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